Ok here are some cheats. These include debug mode, summon disasters and more.


PRICILLA. This puts "Debug" on the toolbar (top). If you don't know what sim-based dollars are, don't even think about doing these cheats. It has More Money, it gives you 1,000,000 at when go to the budget, all gifts, it explains itself. Now, there's Fire storm, don't mess with it, it can cover a whole map with fire in 15 mins, Volcano, it can cover the map in 80 mins, still dangerous, it also make a huge hill in the middle of your city. It has more, but I explain the important ones.

CASS - 400$

IMACHEAT - 500,000$

NOAH - Starts a flood (30% chance of being major)

GILMARTIN - Woot. Let's the military land in your city

I can't remeber any others, I'll work on it. Oh, and for the scaredy-cats:

JOKE - shows some scary walking cows in a scary frame.

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